Counseling Services for grief and loss

Parent and Guardians of Jefferson students,

Information about Grief and Loss Groups for students:

As the numbers of our students who are affected by the loss of family members and loved ones continues to grow, we’d like to try to help by starting some groups for students.  Groups will be made of 5 or 6 students and their purpose will be to give students a chance to talk about their grief, gain support from each other, and perhaps not feel so alone in their grief.  The isolation of schooling at home does not make these situations any easier, which makes the need to communicate with others even more important.

Groups will be facilitated by counselors Tim Pikaart and Faith Kline and will be run online via the “Teams” app, but we hope they can meet in person someday when we are back in school!  

If you are interested or have questions, please contact the school office at 721-1300, or Mr Tim at 721-3009.  

Tim Pikaart, LCSW  / Jefferson Elementary